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Riverboat vouchers

You are looking for a very special gift? Then our vouchers are just right for you! Treat your friends or loved ones to an unforgettable and exclusive boat tour on the Neckar River in Heidelberg!

Our vouchers are available in 6 versions: the 349€ voucher for a short boat trip (1.5h) on weekdays from Mon-Thu (except on holidays), the 399€ voucher for a short boat trip (1.5h) on weekends from Fri-Sun, the 648€ voucher for a full boat cruise (3.5h) on weekdays from Mon-Thu, the 748€ voucher for a full boat cruise on weekends from Fri-Sun, the 249€ voucher for a romantic boat ride for two (1.5h) on weekdays from Mon-Thu and the 299€ voucher for a romantic boat ride for two (1.5h) on weekends from Fri-Sun.

Of course, our 349€ voucher can also be used for a booking on the weekend. However, the difference is due when booking in the store! All vouchers are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase.

Our vouchers can be redeemed by the recipient on the following offers:

Ride Boat ride takes place Number of people Trip duration Price
Short boat ride Monday – Thursday 1-10 1.5 hours 349 euros
Short boat ride Friday – Sunday 1-10 1.5 hours 399 euros
Full boat cruise Monday – Thursday 1-10 3.5 hours 648 euros
Full boat cruise Friday – Sunday 1-10 3.5 hours 748 euros
Romantic boat ride for two Monday – Thursday 2 1.5 hours 249 euros
Romantic boat ride for two Friday – Sunday 2 1.5 hours 299 euros

Always on board with you:

We got you! You’ll find everything you need for your trip on the Neckar River on board. You can order extras when placing your order.

  • 1.5 hours on one of our gorgeous boats

  • Space for up to 10 people

  • A captain

  • Enough fuel

  • 2 bottles of Knipser Clarette rosé

  • 2 bottles of Teinacher mineral water

  • Lifebuoys & life jackets

Our boats depart at Neckarstaden 25 in 69117 in Heidelbergsomewhere between piers 1-8.

Please note:

It goes without saying: you are more than welcome to enjoy your ride and also our delicious wines! However, if you spoil the fun of other people on the Neckar River or endanger your safety or the safety of others, we will make use of our domiciliary rights and end the trip prematurely.


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