3 07, 2023

Where can I park?

2023-11-21T15:13:59+01:003. July 2023||Comments Off on Where can I park?

There are 2 parking garages in the immediate vicinity. The P8 (Untere Neckarstraße 38, 69117 Heidelberg) and the P6 (Untere Neckarstraße 2, 69117 Heidelberg). [...]

3 07, 2023

When and from where does it start?

2023-11-21T15:14:27+01:003. July 2023||Comments Off on When and from where does it start?

We start the season from 01.04. and end on 31.10. of each year. You can set sail from Mon. until Sun. from 10h - the last ride of the day starts at 20h. You can also arrange individual trips with us at any time - from sunrise tours to full-mout [...]

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