Dear guests,

We would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for an unforgettable 2023 season!

It was a year full of unique moments, unforgettable experiences and smiling faces on board our boats at Riverboat. You, our guests, have made this season something very special!

We laughed together, celebrated and enjoyed the beauty of the Neckar and Heidelberg to the full. We have celebrated birthdays on board, given bachelors a proper send-off at the JGA and welcomed several newly married couples on board for celebrations or shoots. Every marriage proposal on board was answered with a beaming “yes”, and that made our hearts beat faster.

Numerous companies and departments from the region have found their way to us to enjoy team-building experiences in a unique setting. In cooperation with our experienced partner tour guides, we were able to show tourists from all over the world the beauty of Heidelberg from the water. Everyone was able to admire the Old Bridge and the castle from a completely new angle, and countless photos were taken from the bow of our boats. We marveled at several castle illuminations up close with our guests, as well as the first drone show in Heidelberg. Those were truly magical moments!

Exciting fashion shoots took place on board, including a recent bridal fashion shoot, as well as the odd wedding photo shoot. We even had a real mermaid photographed on board! We enjoyed many bottles of delicious wine and toasted to life with Secco. You enjoyed every moment with your loved ones and really let your mind wander. At one party or another, things got a little more exuberant. One group even dared to disembark for a swim in the Neckar, and hardly anyone has ever disembarked unintentionally (except perhaps our captains a few times when mooring)!

We enjoyed your homemade cakes and the food from our partners, from Pier IV to EARTH BOWLS, to the last bite. That’s probably why the sun shone so much! We were able to enjoy countless breathtaking sunsets together and experience a unique full moon cruise with selected lucky people on board.

We had guests from young to old, from 18th to 91st birthdays, and many of our guests under one year old enjoyed the ride blissfully asleep. A few four-legged friends have also found their way to us! We were very lucky to be able to expand our team in the first year with reliable skippers and temporary staff. Every day it was an immense pleasure for each and every one of us to welcome you on board and enjoy life’s special moments together.

Now this wonderful summer is over and we have to leave Heidelberg for 5 months. We say thank you! We will never forget our first season in Heidelberg am Neckar. Now it’s time for us to get the Orso and Pulpito boats back in shape for the next season and recharge our batteries so that we can celebrate with you again full of energy from April 1, 2024. We can’t wait to have you back!

See you soon on board at Riverboat!

Your Riverboat Team

P.S.: If you miss us already, feel free to book a boat ride in 2024 online or get a voucher for 2024!