In Hesse and Baden-Württemberg, there are numerous opportunities to hire boats from a boat hire company and enjoy the beauty of the region from the waterways. Three particularly attractive options are the barbecue boat on Lake Constance, pleasure boating in Frankfurt and the exclusive rental of a historic private boat in Heidelberg.

A comparison of your boat rental options: Hire a barbecue boat on Lake Constance

Lake Constance, the largest lake in Germany, offers a unique backdrop for an unforgettable boating experience. Aboard a barbecue boat, you can not only enjoy the picturesque banks and the clear water surface, but also barbecue directly on the boat. These boats are ideal for social gatherings and smaller groups who want to spend a relaxing time with friends or family.

The boat is equipped in a rather simple but functional way. A low-smoke gas barbecue in the middle of the boat, a parasol and seating all around await the guests. The boats of the boat rental are equipped with 9 fixtures to hold plates, cutlery and drinks securely. The barbecue boat is therefore designed for groups of up to 9 people. You can rent a maximum of two boats at the same time.

Guests steer the barbecue boat themselves after a short briefing before the rental period starts, and the person behind the steering wheel must remain sober throughout. Small children are allowed on board, but unfortunately pets must stay at home. The guests need to bring the food themselves, especially the meat for the barbecue. The same applies to the drinks. For this reason, the cost of hiring the barbecue boat is rather reasonable. Two hours cost 289€. This experience is more about barbecuing and spending time together on the water. Guests should not expect real boating fun aboard the doughnut-shaped boat, which is more reminiscent of an inflatable boat and fitted with a small 5 hp motor.

A comparison of your boat rental options: pleasure boating in Frankfurt

If you are looking for a more sporty experience in Frankfurt, you can opt for a sports boat from a local boat hire company. The Main River is an excellent route to experience the city skyline from a new perspective. Motorboats are fast and maneuverable, making them ideal for adrenaline lovers and those who love the feeling of being on the water. The boats feature modern equipment and can accomodate small groups. However, they usually require a boating licenseand some experience in dealing with the speed and maneuverability of such boats. For some years now, some boat rentals in Frankfurt also offer electric motorboats for hire, which guests can steer themselves even if they don’t hold a boating license. Alternatively, you can also rent a motorboats with a skipper.

The equipment on the boats varies depending on your budget. In general, the variant in Frankfurt is the most expensive option in the region. 50 minutes on board a boat with skipper cost 299€ for a group of to 10 people. For 110 minutes, the price climbs up to 598€. The electronic motorboats are generally cheaper. However, these require you to carefully study introductory documents before the rental as well as to follow detailed instructions from the boat rental staff before setting off. You need to be very focussed when steering the boat, especially if you lack experience or if it’s your first time on such a boat. Alcohol is also a no-go for the person behind the steering wheel.

A comparison of your boat rental options: rent a private boat in Heidelberg

A special highlight among the boat rental companies: the boats offered by Riverboat in Heidelberg. The exclusive private boats are beautifully restored historic wooden boats that were completely refurbished last winter at a cost of 100,000 euros. The fuel-powered boats can accomodate groups of up to 12 people. You hire each boat exclusively for your group. Always on board: an experienced skipper who steers the boat safely. Guests are of course welcome to get behind the steering wheel themselves at any time, under the supervision and with the help of the skipper. The boats stand out thanks to their elegance and charm. This makes this rental option ideal for special occasions such as family celebrations, company events or romantic outings.

A boat tour with Riverboat in Heidelberg is not only a luxurious and comfortable experience, but also offers a touch of nostalgia and tradition. The historic old town and the picturesque Neckar valley create an impressive backdrop that you can experience in a totally unique way from the water. The boats are equipped with modern amenities that leave nothing to be desired and guarantee a relaxed trip in style. Life jackets are available on board for small children. Our four-legged friends are also welcome on board.

Another advantage is the great flexibility of Riverboat’s offer. While the barbecue boat on Lake Constance, for example, can only be hired for a maximum of 2 hours on Saturdays, longer trips of 3.5 hours and more are possible in Heidelberg. The boats can each accomodate up to 12 people. If you hire two boats at the same time from the boat hire company, you can even enjoy your time on the Neckar with up to 24 guests. Ideal for special occasions such as your wedding, your birthday party, a family celebration or your best friend’s bachelorette party! The boat company also specializes in organizing company events of all kinds, from company outings to teambuilding events. Company-specific branding is also possible, so you can host your corporate event in style!

You can book catering and drinks online or bring food and drinks yourselves. As a special highlight, two to four bottles of wine and mineral water are included with every trip! At a price of €396 for a 1.5-hour trip or €744 for a 3-hour trip, Riverboat also offers a particularly cost-effective deal when hiring their private boats. The boat rental also offers couples trips for two at a discounted price. Here, 1.5 hours only cost an unbeatable 249€.


While the barbecue boat on Lake Constance is a cozy and sociable option for smaller groups and motorboating in Frankfurt offers an exciting and sporty alternative, the historic wooden boats from Riverboat in Heidelberg set new standards in terms of exclusivity and style. For those who are looking for something special and want to enjoy a luxurious experience on the water, the restored private boats in Heidelberg are the perfect choice. The combination of tradition, elegance and modern comfort makes it an incomparable highlight among boat rentals in Hesse and Baden-Württemberg. You can book your boat trip and an unforgettable experience for you and your guests in just a few clicks online.