It is one of the most discussed topics of recent times: the ongoing shortage of skilled workers in Germany is making it difficult to recruit staff in many areas. Particularly in technical, digital and specialized professions, the demand for qualified workers is often greater than the supply. This leads to intense competition between companies for the best talent. This in turn drives up recruitment costs and prolongs the hiring process. The idea of an attractive workplace has also changed considerably in recent years. Many employees want flexible working hours and the option of working from home. Work-life balance and a pleasant working environment with various benefits are now just as important as salary for many applicants. Companies that are unable to offer such amenities run the risk of losing potential talent to the competition. Below you will find out what you can do to retain your employees and avoid losing out on the job market.

Corporate and social benefits: employee loyalty and added value

In this tense context, both social benefits and corporate benefits are of crucial importance. They serve to retain employees and create a positive working environment. These measures aim to strengthen the emotional bond between employees and employers and offer employees additional incentives beyond their salary.
Corporate benefits
include a variety of perks and incentives. These include, for example, discounted gym memberships and discounts on leisure activities, further education and the use of local public transport. However, social benefits are just as important in today’s working world. These measures are intended in particular to promote employees’ sense of belonging to the company. This strengthens the community and promotes the well-being of employees.

Social benefits focus on promoting cohesion within the company and increasing the well-being of employees. This includes a variety of activities and incentives: freebies, such as free drinks, sweets or company merchandise, offer an easy way to show employees appreciation on a day-to-day basis and strengthen their loyalty to the company. Many companies also offer their employees the opportunity to participate in or finance various insurance programs. This includes taking over or participating in occupational disability insurance, life insurance and company pension plans, which offer employees additional security. Special events of all kinds are another key element in the area of social benefits. Numerous companies regularly organize events such as summer parties, anniversaries, Christmas parties and company outings. These events offer employees the opportunity to meet outside of the work environment, to network and to experience a positive community.

Riverboat boat tours as employee benefits

Riverboat Heidelberg not only offers boat tours on the Neckar for up to 24 people – we also offer a unique opportunity to strengthen employee loyalty and promote a positive working environment. Our historic wooden boats provide the perfect backdrop for unforgettable experiences while your employees experience the picturesque beauty of Heidelberg from the water. Let’s take a look at why our boat trips are particularly suitable as social benefits for employee retention.

Strengthen your team

Benefits and shared experiences create bonds: Two historic wooden boats are available for our boat tours. There is room for up to 12 guests at your team event. Your employees can create memories together in small groups while admiring the historic landmarks of Heidelberg along the Neckar. Among other things, the tour offers a unique view of the majestic castle and the famous Old Bridge. This creates unforgettable memories that strengthen employee loyalty. By taking part in our boat tours, your employees can not only get to know the city of Heidelberg and its sights, but also grow closer as a team. The shared experiences and the positive atmosphere on board strengthen the team spirit. This promotes team spirit, which leads to improved collaboration and productivity in the long term. Our boat tours can be combined with team-building activities, such as joint games or challenges on board. These activities promote teamwork and communication between employees. In this way, you can strengthen trust and team spirit.

Promoting exchange within the team

Our boat trips are an excellent opportunity for exchange and networking. On board our boats, your employees can not only enjoy the magnificent view, but also exchange ideas and network in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Whether eating, drinking or partying – our boat trips offer plenty of opportunities to make new contacts and deepen existing relationships. All trips include up to four bottles of high-quality wine from the region. You can bring your own meals or book additional meals as required. The stylishly furnished boats are also the ideal backdrop for strategic discussions and planning the future direction of your company. In an exclusive and sophisticated atmosphere, your employees can discuss important topics together, exchange ideas and drive forward the company’s strategic vision. Thanks to the benefits you offer, your best employees will stay on board with you in the future!

Leave everyday life behind

Our boat tours are also all about relaxation and stress relief. They offer a welcome break from everyday working life and allow employees to relax and switch off. Our boats glide at a decelerating speed of just 5 km/h over the water in the heart of Heidelberg. The view of the picturesque landscape along the Neckar and the fresh air help to reduce stress and increase the general well-being of employees. Time stands still by the water – a feeling that will stay with you long after the event is over. The employees will remember the wonderful time on the water and associate the positive feeling with their workplace. In the often stressful working day, benefits that ensure a better work-life balance are particularly popular, and with a relaxing boat trip you hit the mark here!

Say thank you in style

Are you looking for a gift for a deserving employee? At Christmas or on company anniversaries, these are a good opportunity to show your employees your appreciation. However, not every gift leaves a lasting impression. Quite different with our
. With a voucher from Riverboat you can give an employee an unforgettable experience, as beautiful as a short vacation on the Neckar! You can order our vouchers directly on our website and determine the value of the voucher yourself. You will receive the personalized voucher by e-mail immediately after your purchase. The recipient can then redeem the voucher conveniently on our website when booking a trip with friends or relatives on the date of their choice. A really successful way to say thank you!

Today, good employees are more valuable than ever. Show them your appreciation with an exclusive experience on board a Riverboat! Whether for your next departmental outing, a company party or a team meeting in an exclusive atmosphere – with Riverboat, your employees and your company benefit from effective benefits. With us on board, your team can grow together. In doing so, you ensure that your best employees stay with you for a long time to come! You can book a trip on your preferred date here.