Heidelberg, one of the most romantic cities in Germany, offers a special spectacle every year: the famous Castle Illumination. On June 1st, the picturesque town will light up once again in a breathtaking splendor that attracts visitors from near and far. But now there is a special idea to experience the event in a unique way: You can marvel at the fireworks from the comfort and exclusivity of a boat from Riverboat Heidelberg on the Neckar! We offer special slots for tours during the 2025 Castle Illumination.

A magical evening in Heidelberg: the Castle Illumination on June 1st

The Castle Illumination is a highlight that bathes the historic old town and the majestic Heidelberg Castle in a fascinating sea of lights. Originally inspired by the fires that ravaged the castle in the 17th century, the event is now a celebration of the history and beauty of the city. Just in time for nightfall, the castle is enveloped in flames and Bengal lights, giving the impression that it is on fire. This visual spectacle is accompanied by a magnificent fireworks display that bathes the sky above the Neckar in colorful sparks. This year’s first castle illumination will take place on June 1st, 2024. It starts at around 10:15 p.m.

Enjoy the castle lighting exclusively from the water

Since 2021, Riverboat Heidelberg has been offering a particularly attractive way to enjoy this event. From one of the comfortable historic wooden boats, which have been restored with great attention to detail, you not only have an uninterrupted view of the fireworks, but can also experience the special atmosphere on the Neckar. The gentle rocking of the boat, combined with the glowing sky and sparkling water, creates an almost magical atmosphere. It is the perfect opportunity for couples, families and friends to spend an unforgettable evening.

Carefree and exclusive, simply enjoy the castle lighting

On the occasion of the castle illumination, we offer exclusive special trips with our two boats. Each boat offers space for up to 12 people. Our special trip to the castle illumination is a cruise with a travel time of 3.5 hours from 8 pm. The Neckar will be closed to shipping from 9 p.m. before the light show begins. We depart punctually at 8 p.m. from our jetty at the Neckarstaden, not far from the Stadthalle and the Pier IV restaurant. We then have an hour to explore the city and take pictures in front of the Old Bridge, for example. We stay on the water for the fireworks and moor not far from the hotel boats in the immediate vicinity of the Old Bridge. This gives us the most exclusive view of the fireworks being fired from the bridge. More pole position is not possible! This gives you and your guests an uninterrupted view of the light show. Especially recommended for children, who you don’t have to carry on your shoulders or risk losing in the crowd! You are in the middle of the castle lighting on our boats and yet completely among yourselves. The other onlookers are densely packed on the various bridges in the city, on the banks of the Neckar and on the Neckar meadow.

The right atmosphere on board and the physical well-being are also taken care of. Our trips include 4 bottles of rosé and 4 bottles of mineral water. You can play your own playlist on our music box on board and enjoy the atmosphere to the full. You are welcome to bring your own drinks and food. Alternatively, a range of food and drinks is also available in cooperation with the Pier IV boat restaurant. You can also add this to your boat trip with just one click when booking online.

Request your ride for the Castle Illuminations 2025 now!

Our special trips for the castle illumination are already fully booked this year. Booking is therefore no longer possible on June 1 and September 7, 2024. But the dates for 2025 have already been announced with reservations. The Castle Illuminations 2025 will take place on Saturday, June 7, 2025 and on September 6, 2025. And that means: be quick! Rides are still available. So make sure you get your slot now for
our cruises at 8 pm
. Simply send us a non-binding booking inquiry using our contact form. As soon as the city confirms that the number of castle lights will remain at two in 2025, we will distribute the available trips on afirst-come, first-servedbasis.

With Riverboat, every trip is an experience – even without castle lighting

Even without fireworks, a boat trip on the Neckar is a highly recommended activity! Of course, you can also book a trip on any date of your choice here. A little tip: If our first boat, the “Orso”, is already fully booked on the day of your choice, you should definitely try your luck with the “Pulpito”. You can simply select the second boat from the drop-down menu above and check availability.

See you at the castle illumination!

Experiencing the castle illuminations and fireworks from a boat is a fantastic way to enjoy the magic of Heidelberg to the full. It is an experience that should not be missed and is guaranteed to be remembered for a long time to come. The combination of historical backdrop, impressive light show and the special perspective from the water makes the evening a unique event. So what are you waiting for?
Request your trip to one of the 2025 castle illuminations now
before it’s too late! This will secure you the most exclusive spot in the whole of Heidelberg on this evening. We look forward to experiencing this magical event with you on board. And we’ll see you on the water on June 1! Just look out for our little wooden gems before the fireworks start.