Would you like to include a boat tour with Riverboat on your next trip to Heidelberg or rediscover our beautiful city from the water on a weekend in Heidelberg? But are you still unsure which option is right for you: the 1.5-hour short boat ride or the 3.5-hour full boat cruise? We often hear this question, and we’re happy to help! Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of each variant.

The advantages of a 1.5-hour boat tour

Let’s start with the benefits of our 1.5-hour short boat rides. This option is perfect if you have a tight schedule or simply want to take some time out in between. With a shorter tour on the same day, you have more time for other activities and can devote yourself to other activities before and after. This can be an advantage at a bachelorette party with a packed program, for example. Our 1.5-hour boat trips offer you a compact way to experience the beauty of Heidelberg on the Neckar during your excursion without taking up the whole day. You’ll need about the same amount of time for a riverboat trip as for an average group restaurant visit. If you take advantage of our extensive catering offer on board, you can even “save time” twice over. The shorter tour option is of course also cheaper than the longer option. Ideal for the budget-conscious who are still looking for an unforgettable experience, starting at just €33/person!

The disadvantages: less time

Of course, there are also some disadvantages to the short boat ride. In a nutshell(pun intended): Time goes by far too quickly! The experience from our first season has shown us: After just 1.5 hours, most guests don’t even want to get off the boat because the time on the water flies by!

If you opt for a shorter boat ride on your trip to Heidelberg, this means less time. Less time to really enjoy the delicious food – and especially the tapas platters, which are more of an invitation to slow tasting – and the two delicious bottles of wine that are included with every boat ride with us. Less time for photos against the breathtaking backdrop of Heidelberg: the panorama of Heidelberg by the Old Bridge offers an absolutely unique backdrop for souvenir photos. Everyone wants to take a seat on the bow to capture this moment forever. With a larger group, time can quickly become a little tight.

The disadvantages: a more limited route

Our guests can always choose their own route. At 1.5 hours, however, we stay exclusively in the Heidelberg city area. Unfortunately, there is no time for a detour to the Neckar Canal. Unfortunately, the 1.5-hour drive hardly offers enough time for a refreshing dip in the cool water. You also only have a limited amount of time to relax in the sun on the bow and work on your tan. Due to the limited time, we cannot explore all the sights along the Neckar. Would you like to book a city guide for your excursion? Then he will also have less time for exciting stories from the Neckar. On our shorter boat rides, we travel exclusively in the heart of the city between Alter Brücke and Liebesinsel.

The disadvantages: the party is over more quickly

The biggest disadvantage: once you have experienced the unique atmosphere on board, you won’t want to go ashore again so quickly! As soon as the mood strikes, the ride is almost over. Of course, you can also play your playlist on our on-board speaker and dance to it during the 1.5-hour trip. However, our boats are so well suited to partying that you won ‘t want to leave the boat any time soon . You are also completely undisturbed and among yourselves on our boats… quite different from the (of course also worth seeing) party mile in the old town of Heidelberg! So a short boat trip with Riverboat is just a short break. You will forget everyday life for a moment, but not leave it behind completely. You could compare it to a short wellness weekend… Absolutely recommendable and a real highlight on any trip to Heidelberg, but unfortunately always over so quickly!

The advantages of a 3.5-hour boat tour

If you opt for a 3.5-hour cruise instead, you will have significantly more time to enjoy the trip to the full. You can take all the time in the world for the perfect photos against the breathtaking backdrop of Heidelberg. The route is entirely up to you. We can moor where it is most beautiful and also leave the urban area to enjoy the tranquillity and blossoming nature along the less frequented Neckar Canal. You’ll see: A private captain who steers the noble wooden boat for you wherever you want feels like absolute luxury! You are sure to get an envious look or two from visitors to the Neckarwiese during your excursion. You should enjoy this to the full, also because you are completely among yourselves on board. On hot summer days, there is also plenty of time to take a dip in the Neckar and cool off.

We at Riverboat are firmly convinced: Time is simply the most valuable thing of all! Whether it’s a hen party, birthday, company outing or simply quality time with good friends… On a cruise you have plenty of time to celebrate the occasion that brought you on board! Your schedule doesn’t play party crasher on board when the mood is at its best. You can party and dance the night away on our full boat cruises! Everything you need for an unforgettable celebration is available on board. Are you longing for some peace and relaxation? Here too, the full boat cruise is the ideal choice for your trip to Heidelberg. Because different rules apply on the water: The clocks tick slower and you can really let your mind wander! On our boat trips, we glide across the water at 5 km/h. You can enjoy your time together to the full and really relax. Many of our guests feel like they’ve had a long relaxing vacation after an extended trip with us. The main disadvantage of the full boat cruise is therefore: the 3.5 hours might be so nice that you will never want to leave the ship again!

Whether shorter or longer: every boat ride with Riverboat is a highlight!

Ultimately, the decision is up to you. Would you like to take a short and crisp tour on the Neckar with some wine on your excursion? Or would you prefer to enjoy your time on the water to the full, with plenty of opportunity to dance, swim and relax? No matter what you decide, your boat tour in Heidelberg is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones. So book your trip today for the upcoming season which starts on April 1st or gift someone a voucher for a ride!